YouTube in India has over 265 mn monthly active users 1200+ channels with 1 mn+ subs

MUMBAI: As Indian viewers are hooked on their smartphones to consume more and more video content, Google-owned video-streaming serviceis crossing new milestones year-on-year. The service has recorded 265 million monthly active users and over 1200 channels from Indian creators have crossed the 1 million subscriber mark in 2019, from about 300 in 2018.

Indian women are also making their presence felt on the platform as over 120 or about 10% of these channels are run by women. This is in stark contrast to nearly zero women creators with one million subscribers in 2015, to just one (Nisha Madhulika) in 2016.

“Continuing the trend of last two years, in 2019 also YouTube has seen a massive growth in India,” Satya Raghavan, Director – Content Partnerships at YouTubetold ET. “There is an entire creator ecosystem in place now. We have a channel like TSeries, which has crossed 100 million mark and SET India (), which is over 50 million. There are many channels now with over 10 million subscribers and over 1,200 Indian channels, which now have over 1 million subscribers.”

The year 2019 was also special in terms of regional language growth for the company, Raghavan said. For instance, there are 94 Tamil channels now with more than 1 million subscribers (up from 30 in 2018), and 1,250 Tamil channels with subscribers between 100,000 to 1 million.

Similarly, 60 Telugu channels, 35 Bengali channels and 15 Malayalam channels on YouTube have crossed 1 million mark in 2019. Watch time on these channels have seen 60% increase in case of Tamil and over 100% each in the case of Bengali and Malayalam over 2018.

“We have always believed that consumers love to watch content in their own language. As millions and millions of people started coming on YouTube, they had different needs and preferences. The increasing demand resulted in more and more creators creating content in regional languages. YouTube has now become a part of life for many users,” he added.

In order to help creators make more money, YouTube is now offering multiple revenue streams – seven in total – said Raghavan, which include normal advertising, where YouTube shares 55% revenue with the creator; subscription product, membership, transactions, superchat, branded content and via commissioned YouTube originals.

He added that YouTube is constantly working with creators, conducting workshops to help them on content creation and monetisation. “We will continue to focus on growing the entire creator ecosystem,” he added.