T-Series takes YouTube crown from PewDiePie

Mumbai: Leading Indian music labelhas dethronedas the world’s most watchedchannel.

PewDiePie has been the most followed YouTube channel since 2013, whereas T-Series had just 30 million subscribers at the start of 2018.

It was on March 13, when for the first time T-Series, which has been closing in on the popular You-Tube channel ran by 30-year old Swedish content creator Felix Kjellberg, overtook the, briefly.

At one point, T-Series was ahead by almost 33,000 subscribers.

At the time of filing this report, both the channels had crossed 90.74-million subscribers and the gap was down to a single-digit lead.

T-Series, on its part, has been downplaying the competition., managing director of T-Series, told ET that he doesn’t see it as a competition and isn’t bothered at all.

“The way I see it, it’s a matter of pride for us that an Indian channel is now world’s number one YouTube channel. That’s driving us. We are very confident and excited about our content,” Kumar said.

Falling data prices and increasing smartphone penetration inhave helped the music label, which uploads music videos, trailers and other Bollywood film content on the Google-owned platform.

While PewDiePie remained unchallenged for almost six years, in August last year, it became apparent that T-Series will probably be the first channel that will end its reign at the top. In fact, Kjellberg himself came out with a video, titled ‘This channel will overtake PewDiePie!’, asking for support from his followers to “fight back”.