Sennheiser Momentum 3 review: Comfortable active noise cancellation headphones with impressive audio

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Highlight: Three ANC modes

Active noise cancellation or ANC is gradually becoming a must-have feature in headphones. Take the case of Sennheiser’s wireless Momentum 3 that features three ANC modes.

The Momentum 3 headsets have a premium build, fit comfortably over the ears and the ears do not hurt even if you use them 60-90 minutes at a stretch.

The earcups have a large diameter and are attached to a metallic headband, which is covered in thick layer of fabric.

The metal is exposed in the lower part where the earcups join and the headphones can be adjusted.

The headsets’ ANC can be switched on or off through a button on the right earcup. Holding down the button further towards the bottom lets in ambient noise. Noise cancellation works well in noisy office environments, shutting out external sounds.

The Bluetooth connectivity range of the device is good — it worked without fine for a distance of about 10 meters.

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We listened to songs on music subscription services and checked out tracks on YouTube. The Momentum 3 headphones are loud enough at volume levels in the range of 60-80%. The sound does not distort if you go beyond that level. We tested rock and heavy metal tracks such as Bullets by Creed, No More Lies by Iron Maiden, Falling Down by Oasis and Livin’ on Borrowed Time by Puddle of Mudd, by jacking up the volume to about 90%, which is really loud.

In case of bass-heavy electronic dance music tracks, the bass feels optimum and does not encroach upon the mids and the highs.

We also listened to some pop and Bollywood music and the headphone drivers could reproduce them well. We would recommend using files of 320kbps and above (which many music subscription services provide) for the best music experience on the Momentum 3.

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