Lockdown gave Simba CEO the perfect opportunity to focus on his fitness

Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, founder and CEO,, shares his travel plans and work from home tech essentials.

What I look forward to the most, once restrictions are eased
“A vacation! In the new normal, work continues to take the front seat, even as we work from home. The first holiday I intend to take, once the restrictions ease, will be a group holiday with close friends and family. The destination will be decided based on the season. If international travel will be possible this winter, then I will pick Bali as it is a great beach destination which has a relaxed vibe to it. Otherwise, I am thinking of holidaying innext summer. I would love to visit Greece and, which are amongst the few European countries that I have not yet explored.”

The one thing I cannot wait to pamper myself with

A spa day

“As I am currently at my hometown, I cannot wait to get back to eating out in Delhi – especially at my all-time favourite restaurant – Diva. I have been going there for as long as I can remember. I love the variety of pizzas there. My favourite is the Verde pizza. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

WFH essentials
“I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which I really enjoy working on. I use it religiously for work and day-to-day tasks. I have also picked up a Kindle, and now I cannot do without it. Since the lockdown was announced, I have read quite a few books on my Kindle, and hope to keep this momentum going. I have my eyes on the recently-launched iPhone 12 Pro.”

Lockdown hobbies
“Lockdown has given me the opportunity to focus on my fitness. Now, my day starts with aroutine. I also did a 40-day fitness challenge with a fitness coach from Mumbai. I also find myself glued to my Kindle to catch up on my favourite books.”

Keeping fit, eating healthy
“I have a home gym that allows me to be flexible when it comes to working out. Most of the equipment in the home gym is from a brand known as Life Fitness. I preferfor my workout wear, and Under Armour for my shoes. Even after completing the 40-day workout challenge, I have followed the workout sessions conducted by group of experts on a channel called SELF on YouTube. It’s a group dedicated to help people feel better. They share healthy eating tips, nutritious recipes, fitness advice and workouts.”