Local content hogs the limelight on YouTube

MUMBAI: Fuelled by cheap data rates, entry of multimedia players and variety of new content offered, local content is proving to be a big hit on, as 200 channels from India have hit the 1-million subscribers mark in 2017.

Just this year, 145 channels have crossed the milestone, marking a five-times jump year-on-year. The launch ofand subsequent drop in data prices has seen an average connectedinternet user in India consume 4 GB of data every month. With the consumption expected to increase to 11 GB per month by 2020, theservices have reached a tipping point. “Out of 400 million Indians with access to internet, more than half are consuming YouTube. In September, as per App Annie data, YouTube had 225 million monthly active users,” said Satya Raghavan, head of entertainment, YouTube India.

And YouTube has seen a massive jump in not just the watch-time and number of users, but also in terms of the Indian content creator ecosystem.

For the first time not just the media companies’ owned channels but individual or creator-led channels are also getting high traction. A total of 80 such Indian creator-led and original YouTubefirst channels have crossed the million-subscriber mark.

“Every week we are witnessing three new channels crossing the 1-million threshold. This is a huge jump, compared to 2-3 creator-driven channels that boasted of such a subscriber base a couple of years back,” Raghavan said.

For instance, this year, a 106-year-old grandmother took YouTube by storm, when she shared her village food recipes with the world. The granny now has over 750K subscribers and on an average gets 10 million views for recipes. “You-Tube is fast becoming the pop-culture for India. There is a massive growth of sub-genres within genres of food, comedy and beauty,” Raghavan added.

Amongst YouTube’s top 10 countries India is one of the fastest growing — both in terms of total watch time and mobile watch time. While total watch-time grew over 400% year-on-year on mobile devices (mobile+tablets), India is one of the few countries where over 80% of total watch-time is spent on mobile devices.