Beauty and the beastly virus: In the time of Covid-19, pulchritude takes a backseat to precaution

Waxing lyrical over the loveliness of Helen of Troy, the poet rhapsodised “Is this the face that launch’d a thousand ships/ And burnt the topless towers of Ilium.” Had the Grecian queen — whom an enchanted Paris adjudged to be fairer of feature than even Aphrodite, goddess of love — been around today, her beauteous visage might well have been partly concealed from sight by a protective face mask, putting paid to the hypothetical question as to whether the Trojan war would have been averted had her perfect nose been infinitesimally longer or shorter than it was.

Thatneed not always lie in the eye, or the aye, of the beholder was evidenced recently by a Miss Jabalpur contest, in the city of that name, where the participants were equipped with infection-deterring.

Meanwhile, in distant and couture-conscious, fashionistas are devising innovative ways to keep infection at bay while still being mindful of one’s looks. Women’s headgear which incorporates a nose-and-mouth shield are reportedly trending among those who wear different hats, professionally and socially. And a YouTuber with a large fan following has demonstrated the use of make-up will make them look their attractive best and optimise their chances of finding a Seoul mate, indispensable face mask and all. Sound advice during times when safety has to be prioritised at all cost and sage must come before beauty.

Empty Mecca, No Devotees At Siddhivinayak: The World Turns Into A Ghost Town Post-Coronavir…


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Earth Goes Off To Sleep

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only severely impacted global health but has changed how our world looks completely. Biggest metropolitan cities which were known for their fast-paced lifestyle have now come to a standstill. Well-known tourist spots and religious sites – be it the New York Times Square or the Holy Mecca – which were thronged by devotees and tourists, now lie deserted.

Several netizens have called the phenomenon ‘earth taking a break’. The images of the de
serted streets appear eerily similar to a post-apocalyptic world.

Here are some images which show how the world has changed after the coronavirus outbreak.